The HP EliteBook Folio

By D Ladden

7 October 2016

The release of the new business class HP EliteBook Folio with Intel® Core™ m7 vPro™ Processor has been met by rave reviews. Why?

They’re not known for being an easy audience, but HP’s latest business notebook received a standing ovation from some of the toughest tech reviewers on the planet. So rather than blowing our own trumpet, we’ll, um, modestly let them do it for us…

CNET drew a more than favourable comparison with Apple, saying the EliteBook Folio “evokes the best parts of Apple's 12-inch MacBook, with better value and more options… It uses Intel's latest Core M-series processors, even in its lowest-end model.” In tests “its Intel® Core™ m7 vPro™ Processor was faster than Apple and Samsung systems with the Core m5 and Core m3 processors.”

And the keyboard, enthused CNET, “is miles above the MacBook's very shallow version.” Frankly, that last comment made our day. ‘Shallow’ is a lovely word when applied to the competition.

The world’s thinnest and lightest business class notebook. PCR

The EliteBook Folio also happens to be an absolute stunner. It’s slimmer than an AA battery, weighing in at a featherweight 970 grams and crafted from tough, diamond-cut CNC aluminium.  

Despite its size and power, the battery lasts for 10 hours. And check out the unique 180-degree piano hinge that allows it to fold out completely flat. Why? For sharing with others. Or simply for your own amusement.   

One of the brightest, richest and most vivid screens on the market. Computerworld

The vivid 12.5 diagonal inch UHD touchscreen is complemented by Bang & Olufsen’s crystal clear audio – great for engaging the brains of colleagues and clients.

It’s also the first notebook to be purpose-built for collaboration. So you can launch calls and video chats at the touch of a button.

One of the best business laptops we’ve tested to date. Computer Shopper

If you’re wondering how confident you can feel about reliability, the answer is ‘very’. Extreme dependability is the result of military grade (MIL-STD 810G) testing. But just to make sure, our merciless Reliability Engineers (yes, that’s a genuine job title at HP) added another 120,000 hours of their own.

I want one. PC

And what’s the security like? The EliteBook Folio has an infrared camera that works with ‘Windows Hello’. So, if you’re not a fan of passwords, your smiling face can unlock it. Your unhappy one will too, which means it also works on Mondays.

"...easily the highlight of CES's laptops..."

The Verge Awards at CES 2016: Best Laptop

You can’t get much better than ‘Best’. So, all in all, we’re pretty chuffed at the result of our obsession to create the ultimate business laptop. We hope you’ll feel the same when you get your hands on one. 

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