The Essential Cyber Security Checklist

20 March 2017

1 min read

8 steps to data defence


Breaches are nearly inevitable. IT professionals know that. Still. Just because they're inevitable doesn’t make them any less costly. The average breach costs $907,053 to recover from. All in, Ponemon found the mean annualised cost of a breach to be $9.5million, up from $7.7 million the year before.

These steps may not prevent every breach, but they'll certainly go a long way. And at the very least, they'll help to demonstrate due diligence should the worst occur.

1. Implement enterprise-grade security software

Cover your network, email and endpoints with regularly updated antivirus, antimalware and real-time detect and respond capability

2. Keep on top of updates

Keep every device on the same baseline, with regular updates, so nothing is weaker than anything it's connected to

3. Encrypt data stored in the cloud

Restrict data on a need to know basis with an encryption tool like PKWARE’s Smartcrypt

4. Continuously monitor traffic

Traffic analysis can be the key to revealing intruders. A spike in activity could be a Trojan communicating with its mothership

Illustration of a laptop with a virus

5. Enable remote wipe on employee devices

Erasing data in the event of loss or theft can minimise damage. Remote wipe is free for Android, Blackberry and iOS

6. Implement multi-factor authentication

The more layers of protection, the harder it is for a hacker. Ideally, have biometric log-in for every employee device

7. Account for every device

Audit every device with access, authorised and unauthorised. Even the printer can give hackers access to everything on your network

8. Educate staff in cyber security

Most attacks originate from employee negligence or malice. Ensure every employee is aware of cyber security and prevent basic mistakes 

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